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[icon] tHe DiArY oF mE!!
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Current Music:mars volta!
Time:11:59 am
Current Mood:chipperchipper
lots goin on..

started a new job...working at ruehl...pretty boring but pays well.

got my tongue pierced finally, kristin, laura, jess, and i had a piercing party at the apt. last week. fun fun.

el bob o's sucks balls.

been hangin w/ aims and steph, been hilarious.

met some new people and made some new friends.

birthday is comin up april 9..its a sat. mark ur calendars.
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Time:12:15 pm
You scored as Tongue Piercing. You're a naughty person aren't you? Being with you is probably lots and lots of fun. You're probably totally pimpin' too. Good for you, good for you.


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Time:02:04 pm
Current Mood:disappointeddisappointed
i suffer from the symptoms of you.
when i reach out, you're not there.
were they wasted words?
did they mean anything?
was i anything to you?
was i a secret you kept?
wishing, waiting patiently for a different ending.
i want to hang on, but i can't, and it hurts.
but i can't keep something i never had...and there's nothing left to feel
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Current Music:paperthin hymn: anberlin
Subject:another one
Time:10:44 am
Current Mood:mellowmellow
i haven't updated in a while...

been doing the same shit, going to local shows w/ jess n whatnot

* and i aren't talking anymore...asshole

survived another v/day alone....

been smoking MAD weed, i enjoY it, it relaxes me

got a new job, working as jess' personal assistant (B.F.F. S.S.!)

ahaha...TASTE OF CHAOS TOUR IS COMING TO CLEVELAND MARCH 10...i really wanna go but i don't think i'll have monies....DAMMIT.
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Subject:low rent bitches ain't sh*t
Time:03:33 pm
the topping to a perfect week

so the girls n i see SOMA play at High 5 last nite...we get there and this guy throws a chair at me and calls me a bitch n whatnot so i get in his face and tell him to cool the fuck down and blah blah.

SOMA has a hairy buffalo party at the house afterwards and the girls and i are all wasted. im talkin to this kid n next thing i know serha is crying and saying some girl slapped her after she was trying to break up a fight. so jess court n i get bout it and see what the hell happened. everyone is outside yelling n shit and so i go up to the girl, mind u im wasted, and trying talking to her. next thing i know im on the ground on top of her and we're fighting. jess jumps in and starts nailing her in her fucking head like ten times. then we both get ripped off of her and she ran to her car like a little bitch.

in the meantime john is filming on the roof and im scream 'low rent bitch' and the cops get called and they pull off and they end up getting pulled over b/c the stupid bitch's b/f stole some ppls wallets and ids n shit. fuckin asswipes. bitches aint shit and low rent bitches WILL get their asses beat..best believe...try us.
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Subject:oh gawd! hungover
Time:08:27 pm
Current Mood:groggygroggy
so brittany surprises me last nite w/ a bottle of chardonnay wine. bad news. i pour kristin a glass and i drink the rest to myself w/ in a half hour. jess picks me up b/c im not able to drive and we go to B/C. by the time we get there i am PLASTERD! i say hi and sit down, next thing i know im fumblin n stumblin to the bathroom. i run into this girl and about knock her over. jess runs after me and im layin down in the bathroom stall feelin sick. while jess is helping me get my shit together, courtney n sara come in and sara's like 'soma's about to play' n i respond 'i just wanna hung the toliet'. classic. so i end up puking and feelin better n minglin a bit. we go to the soma house afterwards and i chat w/ stephanie n amie<3

jess,james,john, n i had a sleepover in johns bed!<3

recap: napoleon dynamite, myspace poses, boyz, makeout, cuddling, drunkeness= sleepovers
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Current Music:emery: the ponytail parade
Subject:random thoughts
Time:03:26 pm
Current Mood:exhaustedexhausted
random thoughts:

just woke up, feeling sick

hate the month of january

dreading february

depressed about snow
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Subject:AHAHA...i still haven't watched the whole movie
Time:12:52 am
Current Mood:worriedworried
Summer Wheatley
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Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
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Current Music:keane: this is the last time
Subject:'music is emotional'
Time:02:42 pm
Current Mood:lazylazy
happy birthday to natalia n miz!

picked up natalia, sam, n melissa...smashed off gin n' tonic + lots o' limes!

went to B/C saw soma play <3

then watched some hot emo boys play from boston n minneapolis (waking judah+nehemia)

went back to the soma house, socialized, met new ppl ( congrats to liz?), got drunk

was supposed to be natalia's DD, but in the end i was too drunk to drive her home ( thanks trent!)

Spent yesterday w/ john, picked him up, dropped off liz, got food @ Cafe Mozarts, deliberated on car shit, went to Tuttle Park, stoned, muse, movie n' pizza....all in a days work...now im off to work....bullshit
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Current Music:blindside: follow u down
Subject:new years resolution
Time:05:14 am
Current Mood:determineddetermined
alright so i was thinking about a new years resolution...even though i DON'T make them because i never stick to them. however, i've thought about it and it's time for a change. this one is simple.

make wiser decisions

that covers about everything, nuff said
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[icon] tHe DiArY oF mE!!
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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